Reception desk with brass curtains.

oPening hours

Monday-Thursday 8:30-15:30.
Friday 8:00-15:00.
Saturday-Sunday closed.
Closed for lunch 11:00-11:45
Different hours may occur during holidays, working day between holidays and vacation days.


Tel: 018-471 48 58. Email:


  • Report to the reception desk your awaiting visits in advance. State the names of visitors and your own phone number.
  • All visitors to the Rudbeck Laboratory shall report their arrival to the reception desk who then contact you.
  • Or make an appointment with your visitors and meet them up yourself.

Patients can, if needed, be assisted to find waiting room.

At the reception desk you can also get help with the following:


  • Conference telephone
  • Portable hearing loop
  • Laser pointer / presenter
  • Computer cables / adapters
  • Projector


  • Keys
  • Temporary access cards

Outgoing parcels

  • Leave outgoing packages for couriers to collect
  • Print labels for packages to be sent with PostNord (UU reference code is needed)


  • Help with booking of Rudbecksalen (Rudbeck hall).
  • Put up notices (is handed over to the receptionist who then put them up on the right notice board)
  • Lost and found
  • Orders access cards after receiving a scanned copy of the registration form from the Institutions via email: