Here you can find some information about the security at the Rudbeck Laboratory and Uppsala University. If you want to know more about the security at Uppsala University you can read more at Medarbetarportalen.

Serious incident

If a serious incident occurs that is not urgent, but which may have far-reaching consequences and you want to inform about this to someone in the security department, mainly outside working hours, you can contact TiB, "Tjänsteman i Beredskap" (Duty Officer).

TiB can also be alerted via our alarm number 018-471 2500. You can also send an email to TiB.

If the incident is IT related it shall always be reported to the Safety and Security Unit.

First Aid

First Aid Stations

These stations is placed in each corridor in C11, except for the cross corridors. Refilling in these stations is done regularly. Please contact the caretakers or the reception if something needs to be refilled or replaced.


If a person gets a cardiac arrest it is important to quickly get the heart beat again to avoid permanent damages, or in worst case death. At the Rudbeck Laboratory we have one defibrillator located opposite the reception desk at the main entrance. (The entrance is open on week days, 06:30 - 15:30.)

IT Security

IT Security: telephone 018-471 75 60, email

duty officer

The Duty Officer (Tjänsteman i beredskap - TiB) is an officer on duty ready for calls or alarms regarding serious events. TiB can be reached 24/7. 

TiB can be alerted via the university alarm number 018-471 2500 or by sending an email to

In case of fire

When The Alarm Sounds

  • The automatic alarm system is first activated in the fire cell where the fire is, and the fire cell doors closes.
  • Immediately stop all activities and evacuate the premises if the alarm bell is activated in your corridor. There is no need for evacuation if the alarm bell is not ringing where you are.
  • Use the nearest exit or emergency exit and go to the assembly point (se map below).


  • Note! Lifts should not be used during evacuations.
  • If possible, check that the rooms that you pass on your way to the exit are empty. Provide help to people in need of assistance, e.g. someone with disabilities. Remember to also check toilets and rest rooms. Wait for reports / information at the assembly point. Read the instructions for evacuation at Medarbetarportalen (only in Swedish) to be prepared before it becomes a real situation.

Assembly Point

C11, R3, R4 and MTC evacuate to the front of C11, se map below. (Building C5 has their own evacuation routine.)

Please give way to the emergency service!

Do not enter the premises again until the emergency coordinator gives the go-ahead.

Last modified: 2022-06-10