Diskus Information Screens

Diskus is a common system within Uppsala University for reaching out with information on digital screens. Several campuses collaborate in Diskus to be able to share common information. All participating campuses have a Diskus responsible who coordinates the activities and handles the publication. The University Library is responsible for the technical operation of the screens.

Examples of what can be displayed on our screens, can be information about seminars, conferences, courses or information that is specific to the Rudbeck Laboratory.
Crisis information (e.g. threats, evacuation) always has the highest priority for publication.

Outside Rudbecksalen, the screen shows the schedule for the current weeks bookings of the hall. The big screen inside can for example show the schedule for an ongoing conference, or a picture of the thesis during a dissertation. Contact the Campus Responsible to get a thesis published on the screen.

To get information published on the screens, please contact the Campus Responsible.

At the Staff Portal you can find more information about Diskus (only in Swedish).

Last modified: 2022-02-18