Management Rudbeck Laboratory

The Rudbeck laboratory provides the following services that are charged the clinics and departments or research groups.


Contact: Tel. 018-471 4858, email:

The reception is located at the main entrance.

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 8:30 - 16:00
Fri 8:30-15:00
Closed for lunch 11:00-11:45
Sat-Sun/holidays closed.

At the reception you can for example get help with:

  • borrow conference telephone, hearing loops, laser pointer/presenter, etc.
  • handle keys and access card matters
  • reserve the Rudbeck and Fåhraeus Halls
  • handle lost and found items

If you want to put up a notice on the noticeboard at the entrance, contact the reception.

Washing-up and sterilization

Contact: Tel. 070-425 0966, 018-471 4862, email:

The washing-up staff collects the dirty items at specific stations in the corridors.


Contact janitors: Tel. 070-425 0276, 070-425 0810, email:

You can turn to the janitors if you want help, for example with refurnishing or relocation of furniture or appliances, mounting of shelves, or if you have mail and parcel issues. Ordering of job is done via email to

Error report on the property, such as heating, cooling, water, drainage, fixed installations, etc., is made to the janitors by phone or via email. Urgent matters, (broken water pipe etc.), please call the Academic Hospital's operations center, tel. 018-611 5000.

Mail and parcels

Mail is delivered and collected once a day; incoming mail is delivered around 9:00 and outgoing is collected at 13:45.

When ordering goods, remember to use correct receiver adress, example:
Anna Andersson
Rudbecklaboratoriet, C11:2
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20
75185 Uppsala

All goods are delivered to each floor by the janitors at approx 12:00 each working day.

Access card

To get access to the premises you must have permission from your operation manager. A registration form signed by the group leader, the head of the department and the employee, shall be scanned and sent to The manager or receptionist then orders an entry card. The code that is connected to the card must be used with the card at weekdays 17:00 – 07:00, and on weekends around the clock. Here you can find the registration form. (IGP has their own routines regarding access cards. Please contact the IGP administration for access card matters.)

Photography and card handover takes place at Sjukhusvägen 14, entrance C1. Note! Bring valid ID. Opening hours Monday to Thursday 07:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 15:00. Friday by appointment, call 018-611 32 65. The access card is obtained at latest the day after. The business is charged a cost of SEK 240/card.

Temporary cards are available at the reception for persons who will be staying in the building temporarily or for a short time.