Error Report

It is everyones responsibility to make an error report on errors found within the premises.

Buildings and fixed installations

All errors are normally reported via telephone or mail to the Janitorial, tel: 070-425 08 10 or 070-167 90 07, email: Always make sure to include room number (4 or 5 digits on top of the door frame) and a clear description of the error.

Example of errors:

  • Ventilation
  • Water and sewers
  • Heat and cold
  • Media supply (deionized water, pressured air, vacuum, gas)
  • Doors and windows
  • Toilets
  • Ceiling/walls/floor

Urgent errors, for example a broken water pipe or dangerous errors on fixed installed electrics, is reported directly to "Driftcentralen" at Fastighet och Service Region Uppsala via telephone 018-611 50 00.

IT related errors

All errors related to computers or networks is handled by the IT department at Rudbeck Laboratory, e-mail:


Errors on eduPrint printers is reported to the University's central helpdesk, e-mail: Always include the printers name that starts with EDP and serial number that starts with C. You can find this on the front of the printer.