Error Report

It is everyones responsibility to make an error report on errors found within the premises.

Screwdriver and spanner in a cross

Buildings and fixed installations

All errors are normally reported via telephone or mail to the Janitorial, tel: 018-471 48 46 or 070-167 90 07, email: Always make sure to include room number (4 or 5 digits on top of the door frame) and a clear description of the error.

Example of errors:

  • Ventilation
  • Water and sewers
  • Heat and cold
  • Media supply (deionized water, pressured air, vacuum, gas)
  • Doors and windows
  • Toilets
  • Ceiling/walls/floor

Urgent errors, for example a broken water pipe or dangerous errors on fixed installed electrics, is reported directly to "Driftcentralen" at Fastighet och Service Region Uppsala via telephone 018-611 50 00.

IT related errors

All errors related to computers or networks is handled by the IT department at Rudbeck Laboratory, e-mail: or telephone 018-471 48 07.


Errors on eduPrint printers is reported to the University's central helpdesk, e-mail: or telephone 018-471 44 00. Always include the printers name that starts with EDP and serial number that starts with C. You can find this on the front of the printer.