Janitorial, Package and Mail Service


The janitorial at Rudbeck Laboratory is one of the units included in the Campus Management service. The janitorial are responsible for and maintains common functions such as mail service and goods reception, furniture in common areas, some lab interior, AV equipment in common rooms, and digital information displays.


Telephone: 018-471 4846
Email: vaktmasteri-rudbeck@uu.se

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Friday 07:00-15:00, (closed for lunch 11:00-11:30)

The janitorial performs the services specified below within the Rudbeck laboratory:

  • Receiving and delivery of incoming packages to drop-off points.
  • Sorting and delivery of mail.
  • Setting up/taking down/moving shelves, lab benches, equipment and furniture in premises within Campus Management's areas.
  • Maintenance of lecture halls and seminar rooms.
  • Battery changes in code locks.
  • Maintenance of the waste sorting room in the C11 basement.
  • Service and agreements specified in contracts made with hospital clinics and businesses outside the Campus Management's area.
  • Help with reporting to the University Building Division regarding renovations and other tenant adaptations over SEK 100 000.
  • Intermediary for property owners and the business regarding minor tenant adaptations under SEK 100 000.

To get help with moving furniture in or between offices, or moving lab interior, this must be ordered via email to the janitorial well in advance.

Error Reports

The janitorial also make error reports to the hospital's Service Unit (Driftcentralen/"Driften"). Remember that it is everyone's responsibility to report errors that you discover within the premises.

Goods Handling

The janitorial is responsible for goods handling at the Rudbeck Laboratory goods reception, and is only available for businesses within the Campus Management's area.
The goods reception service cannot be used by the employee for private needs, or by students.

Incoming Goods

The goods reception is located in building C11, floor S, and is managed by the janitorial staff.

Correct delivery address for goods:

[First and last name]
[Institution, building, floor]

Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20
752 37 Uppsala

Incoming goods is delivered to Rudbeck Laboratory all workdays. Every day, 10-15 different couriers arrive from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. The deliveries are sorted at the goods reception, and then distributed to drop-off locations around buildings C11, C5 and MTC. All packages that arrive are delivered the same day as received.

Each package is scanned at the drop-off locations, using the package's unique tracking number, so that it can be tracked afterwards if the need arises. If a package that should have been delivered to a drop-off location is missing, the staff at the goods reception can easily track it down in the scanning system. If the package is not registered at all, it has not yet been delivered to the Rudbeck Laboratory. The customer has the possibility to contact the sender for the reason for this.

If an entire department is away for a day, and no one is left to take care of any refrigerated or freezer packages, contact the goods reception, and the packages can be taken care of by the janitorial staff. The goods reception has both a fridge and a freezer (household size) for short-term storage of smaller goods.

Packages that may contain theft-prone electronics, such as phones, chargers, computer monitors, etc., are not delivered to the drop-off locations, but instead stored at the goods reception. After receiving an email from the janitorial, the package can be picked up there. In order to pick up your package, you need to be able to identify yourself upon request. The package should be collected as soon as possible, and if this is not possible, please contact the goods reception.

Goods, postal parcels and express/courier consignments, should (as far as possible) be sent with PostNord, in accordance with the government agreement for parcel forwarding services. Small parcels, which are not prone to theft, and can easily be carried by hand, are placed on the goods table opposite the reception desk at the main entrance. Larger consignments, such as larger instruments, or packages with content that is prone to theft, can be handed over to the goods reception.

Good to remember:

  • The goods should be well packaged. The sender is responsible for all transport damage caused by lack of secured packaging. If necessary, the goods reception has a packing table to help you.
  • The sender must provide all information and documents required. What is required depends on where the package is to be sent, and the content.
  • The department will be invoiced by PostNord.

The following tools are available at the goods reception to send goods:

  • Packing table
  • Kraft paper (wrapping paper)
  • Packing tape
  • Wrapping film
  • Pallet strapping
  • Pallet truck
  • Sack truck
  • Electric stacker truck

(The goods reception does not provide cardboard boxes for sending goods, the user takes care of acquiring this himself.)

Are you bringing goods into, or out of Sweden? At the Swedish Customs website you can find information on how to carry out your case. When importing or exporting goods from or to the EU's customs area, the goods' product code must be entered according to the list used within the EU.

Postal Handling

The janitorial is responsible for postal handling at the Rudbeck Laboratory, which is only available for activities within the Campus Management's area. This service may not be used by the employee for private shipments.

Correct mail address:
[Name of institution/unit]
Att: [Name Nameson]
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20
75185 Uppsala

Region Uppsala handles all mail delivery to and from the Rudbeck Laboratory. The janitorial's staff sorts, distributes and collects mail from selected locations within the Campus Management's area of operation.

Incoming Mail

Sorted at 08:30-09:00 every workday, and afterwards sorted to the mailboxes in the mail room, or delivered to selected areas.

Outgoing Mail

Collected from these selected areas at 13:30 every workday:

  • C11 floor 1 (Clinical Immunology and Clinical Genetics)
  • R4 floor 1 (Clinical Genetics)
  • C5 floor 3 (from the table in the corridor, outside the elevator)
  • MTC building floor 1 (at the mail boxes)
  • MTC building floor 3 (outside the lunch room)

All kinds of outgoing mail can also be placed (at latest at 13:30) directly in the green box in the mailroom at C11 ground floor, opposite the elevators. The box is then picked up by Region Uppsala's internal mail department, which sorts and forwards the mail.

Internal Mail

Internal mail addressed to recipients within university or Region Uppsala. Most often, brown inter-office envelopes are used. Make sure to be clear with the recipient information:

  • Receiving campus
  • Institution/Unit
  • Name of recipient

External Mail

Mail to be sent outside the university or Region Uppsala. This mail is handled by PostNord, and only envelopes with pre-printed franking, or envelopes with stamps, apply here.

Last modified: 2022-12-29