Glassware Cleaning and Sterile Department

The glassware cleaning and sterile department at the Rudbeck Laboratory serves the businesses by washing and sterilizing laboratory glassware. The department is located on floor S in building C11. There, all glass is washed, autoclaved and inspected, and then placed in cabinets where it can be picked up whenever needed.


Telephone: 018-471 48 62, 070-425 09 66

Leaving Dirty Glassware

For quick and smooth handling of dirty glassware, the following measures should be taken:

  • All glassware should be placed in the tubs at the stations in the corridor.
  • All glassware must be rinsed, both inside and outside.
  • Marker notes and tape must be removed.
  • Buckets for glass pipettes should be washed out once a week, and refilled with clean water. This is done by the laboratory staff.

Collection of Dirty Glassware

Do not put dirty glassware at the glassware department, the staff at the glassware department collect the dirty glassware at the stations in the corridors. 

General Information About Glassware

  • Make a routine to clean out among the bottles, so that these will come to the glassware department more often.
  • Autoclaving takes place every weekday at 07.00, 09.00 and 12.00.
  • You may collect your autoclaved goods yourself.
  • If you need something special washed and autoclaved, for example incubator plates, contact the staff at the glassware department.
  • Access to the glassware department is only granted to those who use the glassware cleaning and sterile department's services. Contact the reception if you need to get access.

In the event of a major lab cleaning, please inform the glassware department in advance, so they can be prepared for the increased amount of dirty items. Carts can be borrowed from the glassware department.

Last modified: 2022-12-29