Lecture halls and rooms at the Rudbeck Lab

At the Rudbeck Lab there are lecture halls of various sizes as well as seminar and group rooms that are used by the departments. All rooms can be reserved on-line, see Room reservation, except Rudbecksalen, Fåhræussalen and Rosalind Franklin wich is booked via the Reception.

Lecturers bring their own laser pointer or presenter, since they are not available in the lecture halls or seminar rooms. However, these can be borrowed from the reception.

All halls and rooms can be found via MazeMap, use the search box to see where they are located.
Note that the layout of Rudbeck Lab in MazeMap are based on Region Uppsala's blueprints, using other numbers on the floors (plan):
Plan 4 = entrance floor
Plan 5 = floor 1
Plan 6 = floor 2
Plan 7 = floor 3.

Each hall and room is named after a person within the scientific field of medicine. Here you can read a short description of each and everyone.

There are currently one room for video conference; Burrill Crohn, R3 ground floor. More information at the end of this page.

Lecture halls

Rudbecksalen, 135 seats (150 with extra chairs), C11 ground floor

  • Interactiv projector
  • Chalkboard

Fåhræussalen, 110 seats, C5 ground floor

  • 2 projectors with sound
  • Document camera
  • Whiteboard

Gösta Hultkvist, 28 seats, C11 ground floor

  • Interactiv projector
  • Chalkboard

Seminar rooms

, foldable tables + 35 chairs, C11 ground floor
Lore Zech, table + 20 chairs, C11 floor 1
Gregor Mendel, table + 20 chairs, C11 floor 2
Charles Darwin, table + 20 chairs, C11 vfloor 3
Jan Pontén, table + 12 chairs, C11 floor 3

Burrill Crohn
, table + 9 chairs, R3 ground floor
Niels K. Jerne, table + 9 chairs, R3 floor 1
Ivar Sandström, table + 9 chairs, R3 floor 2
Janet Rowley, table + 9 chairs, R3 floor 3

Albert Levan
, table + 12 chairs, R4 ground floor
Rosalind Franklin, table + 12 chairs, R4 ground floor, VIP-room
Gertrude Belle Elion, table + 12 chairs, R4 floor 2
Barbara McClintock, table + 12 chairs, R4 floor 3
Rita Levi-Montalcini, table + 16 chairs, R4 floor 3


Alois Alzheimer, table + 4 chairs, C11 ground floor
Judah Folkman, table + 4 chairs, C11 floor 3

Room for video conference

Gertrude Belle Elion

Equipment is under construction!