About the Rudbeck Laboratory

The Rudbeck Laboratory consists of four connected buildings in the Glunten area. In building C11, R3 and R4 the business is mainly focused on medical research within the Uppsala University, and 7 institutions have their business there. In building C5 Clinical Immunology, Academic Hospital can be found.

The main idea for planning the Rudbeck Laboratory was to create a new type of interdisciplinary research environment within the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University, in order to develop new and more effective methods for molecular diagnostics and new therapies.

Olof Rudbeck Sr

The name of the Rudbeck Laboratory is derived from Olof Rudbeck Senior who did what is often referred to as the first scientific discovery made ​​by a Swede when he discovered the lymphatic system in the human body. You can read more about Olof Rudbeck here.


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